Ceramisa is a small studio filled with design, creation and experimentation. This is a place where everyday-use and decorative objects are created manually, on a potter’s wheel. These are inspired by simple, minimalist forms found in nature, harmonious shapes, and subdued colours. Every Monday and Wednesday, the studio becomes a place of meetings for beginners and more advanced enthusiasts of creating their own pottery.

Brzyski Studio

Brzyski is the original studio of Filip Brzyski, a sculptor whose works combine traditional ceramics with contemporary design. Brzyski likes experimenting, using various types of slip, and teaching – the studio organises ceramic workshops and outdoor classes for children and adults.


How to materialize something unreal? How to convey harmony, simplicity and emotion? Aleksandra Białek tries to answer this question in her works, drawing from her architectural and culinary experience to create designs that convey a bit of metaphysics. For the creator of Biel, the process of working with clay is a truly liberating act.


Balena is a small ceramic studio where its founder – Katarzyna Bakuła-Drożak – and her husband Kuba work together. In their workshop, you will find dishes made from stoneware and faience in intense shades of turquoise, earth tones, and even gold.

Magda Jugo

There is a small pottery workshop in Junikowo district of Poznań. This is where Magdalena Jugo first makes prototypes, and then creates her designs. Unique, practical use items are made here from both porcelain and hand-formed clay. Here you will find items related to the space around the table. The studio is located in the backyard garden, right next to the family ice cream shop.


The studio of Alicja Cichosz is a place where the unhampered creative process leads directly to new, unusual forms and shapes. The colourful Kobe products reflect explorations that go back to and, at the same time, redefine the classics. The result is pottery with interesting shapes and unusual colour combinations.

Ardea Mosaic Factory


Nami is a small pottery studio, born out of love for the Japanese craft tradition. Mateusz Pascal Łotocki and Elka Kosek are the founders of this place. The vessels they create take on simple, yet sophisticated forms, and each of them always serves a specific purpose. Functionality is the key word at NAMI, which can also be experienced by visiting the studio during numerous workshops organised there.


A pottery studio, open workshop and shop in one. A perfect place for all those who have been bitten by the pottery bug. You can acquire unique, non-moulded vessels with remarkable aesthetics while participating in workshops organised in the studio, or you can order whatever utensils you desire.


In her work, Magdalena Kucharska returns to the roots, to nature. This seems to be the source of the artist’s infinite inspiration. Hadaki ceramics are simple, yet somewhat complex. The reason might be clay – a raw material perfect for experiments and full of surprises. Hadaki mainly offers practical tableware – cups, espresso cups, bowls and plates, designed for those who like to own original items.

Fekner Ceramics

The stoneware vessels made by Marta are characterized by simplicity, minimalist design and subdued earth colours. Her works emanate a soothing kind of calmness. Her pottery reflects a love for nature… and something else – maybe a longing for the simplicity of life?