Uno espresso

Inhabitants of Jeżyce claim that this is the best coffee in the district. They might be right, as the coffee served in Uno comes from the local Odija roasting plant – and you can rest assured they are experts at their craft. At Uno, you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast any time you like, as the café serves its hand-made sourdough bread and other delicacies all day long.

Vandal Cafe

This café is definitely the pride of Łazarz district. The interior will impress you with creativity, cakes and coffee. The venue boasts an abundance of eye-catching furniture, colourful posters, delicious cheesecakes and hectolitres of coffee brewed in dozens of ways using special beans. It is also a place where you will meet a lot of nice people. The word “customer” in Vandal has long since been replaced by the word “friend”.