OYCA studio merges two worlds in one. This workshop and showroom of an original jewellery brand, which has existed since 1989, is full of unusual items. Here you can find copper tubes, steel balls, solder and tools used in the production of handmade jewellery. OYCA has been creating collections of impressive head-turning pendants, large brooches and unique bracelets for over 30 years now.

YES Gallery

Over 22 years of tradition, hundreds of vernissages and exhibitions, thousands of friends: artists, enthusiasts of goldsmithing, event participants – this is Maria Magdalena Kwiatkiewicz’s YES Gallery in a nutshell. Cooperation with cultural and scientific institutions places the gallery in a wider context and allows it to constantly rediscover the invaluable potential of Polish goldsmiths.

Agata Bieleń

Agata Bieleń is a versatile artist who makes various forms come to life in her unique studio. Handmade jewellery shares the space of an architectural studio with minimalist graphics. All of Agata’s designs, however, have one common denominator: the same plane. All of her works revolve around a line, the simplest geometric form.